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13 - The Judgment That Puts Things Right

    The name Daniel means, "God Is My Judge."  So is it not appropriate that this chapter gives us a clear picture of judgment occuring in heaven?  This judgment counteracts the attempts of the little horn to usurp God's sovereignty and to destroy God's people.

I.   The time of the judgment
      A.  After the sequence of events given in the chapter.  4 empires - the rise and reign of the little 
            horn - then the judgment
      B.  After the 1260 years.  Daniel 7:25,26; vs. 21,22; vs. 8-10
      C.  Before the 2nd coming of Christ.  Revelation 14:7,14

II.  The content of the judgment
      A.  Books are opened (vs. 10) - implies an investigation.  Also an openness for all to see.
           1) Book of life - Revelation 13:8; 20:15    2) Book of remembrance - Malachi 3:16
      B. "Thrones were set in place" (vs. 9) - Revelation 4:2-4
      C.  The Son of Man is led into God's presence vs. 13
      D.  He is given "authority, glory, and sovereign power" vs. 14; Phillipians 2:9,10; Matthew 28:18
            Christ has legally conquered sin, death, and the devil.  Hebrews 9:26; 2 Timothy 1:10;
            Hebrews 2:14

      E.  The judgment in the hands of the Son of Man - 1) Vindicates the saints by applying the merits He has
            legally accomplished - Daniel 7:22   2) It condemns all who refuse His mercy - James 3:18   
            3) It demonstrates His sovereignty over the little horn who would "think to change times and laws."  
            Daniel 7:26; 1 Corinthians 15:24-28

III.  The results of the judgment
      A.  The saints possess the kingdom of God - Daniel 7:27
      B.  The little horn's power is taken away and destroyed - Daniel 7:26
      C.  All come to worship and obey the true God

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