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15 - The Rebellion of the Little Horn
     Daniel receives a second vision that is parallel to the vision inn Daniel 7.  The vision of Daniel 8 is given from a Jewish perspective and it gives an added detail of time related to the vision (2300 days).  Today we want to focus on the activity of the "little horn."

I.   The "little horn" comes from "out of the winds" vs. 9, that is from one of the four points of the compass.

     A.  It starts small, but grows in power going south, east and west
     B.  It tramples on the saints - vs. 10
           1)  Rome as a state and Rome as church-state is represented
           2)  The first 2 1/2 centuries the Roman Empire persecuted
           3)  In the 4th century A.D., the emporer Constantine left the city of Rome in the hands of the Bishop of
                Rome and thus creating a church-state union.
           4)  From this historical point onward apostasy from Bible truth and persecution became more prevelant.

II.  What the "little horn" does.  vs. 11,12
      A.  It sets  itself up to be as great as the Prince of the host - taking an authority that belings only to Christ
           (Matthew 28:18) - Emporer worship and papal authority
      B.  He takes away the daily - Rome destroyed the sanctuary in 70 A.D.
      C.  In the spiritual sense removing the daily involves the sacrifice and the daily ministry of our great High
            Priest, Jesus Christ. - The mass and transubstantiation.  Only the human priest can make intercession.  
            Hebrews 7:27; 9:26; 10:10,14.  The "little horn" offers a substitute and false gospel - it is based on an
            internal righteousness to make you acceptable to God.
      D. The sanctuary is brought low - making non-effect the intercession of Christ.  1 Timothy 2:5
      E.  Truth is cast to the ground - the gospel and the law is abrogated and a myriad of other heresies.

III.  How Long?  Daniel 8:13,14 
       A.  The sanctuary shall be restored 
       B.  This is parallel to Daniel 2:34 and Daniel 7:26 and Matthew 21:43,44; Daniel 8:25
       C.  We will be either broken or crushed - vindicated or condemned

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