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16 - The Sanctuary Shall Be Restored
        We now come to a most important Scripture to Seventh-day Adventists - Daniel 8:14.  

I.   The 2300 Evenings-Mornings
     A.  What does time refer to?  Days or sacrificial days.
  •  Sacrificial days are morning and evening, not the other way around
  •  Allusion to creation - Genesis 1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31
‚Äč     B.  Is the time literal or symbolic?
  •  If it is literal, it does not fit the time frame in the details of the prophecy.
          1) The vision is for the time of the end - Daniel 8:17
          2) The sanctuary will be restored after the 4th empire of Daniel 7 and the 1260 day reign of the little horn.
  • It must be symbolic for only the day/year relationship fits the panorama of time portrayed in the prophecy.  It begins with Medo-Persia empire and ends with the "time of the end."
II.  The meaning of the Hebrew word "Nitsdaq" in Daniel 8:14.
      KJV - cleansed & NKJV - NIV - Reconsecrated - NASB & RSV - Restored.  Tsadaq means to vindicate, justify, restore
  • Early Seventh-day Adventists seized on the English word "cleansed" in the KJV and coupled it with Leviticus 16 - Taher; Daniel 8:14 - Nitsdaq; Job 4:17
  • All Jews see the relationship of the Day of Atonement to Daniel 8:14, for the LXX translates Nitsdaq as "cleansed."
  • There are words in Daniel 8:11 that are found in Leviticus 16 - "host"; "took away"; "daily"; "place"; "sanctuary"
  • "Restored" fits the Day of Atonement and the activity of the little horn.
III. The Meaning of the "sanctuary shall be restored" - Daniel 8:14
       A.  Daniel 8 is parallel to Daniel 7 - Judgment follows the little horn and Judgment is involved with the Day of Atonement
       B.  The attacks of the little horn are heavenward and earthward and the restoration of the sanctuary is heavenward and
            earthward.  Daniel 8:10-12
             1) Heavenward attacks: 1) set himself up to be as great as the Prince, 2) He takes away the daily, 3) the sanctuary
                 brought law
             2) Earthward attacks: 1) casts down the host (saints) and trampled them, 2) he cast truth to the ground
       C.  The sanctuary restored "in heaven"
             1) The priestly ministry of Jesus demonstrates God's justice and mercy through the atoning death of Christ.  
                 Matthew 28:20
             2) The work of judgment, typified by the Day of Atonement gives God the right to save those who trust in Christ and
                 condemn those who do not.
                a) Blotting out of sins - Zechariah 3:1-7; 5T 471, 472 - This is to be sealed, justified for eternity
                b) Blotting out names - Revelation 3:5; Ezekiel 32:32 - to be lost by rejecting God's mercy - Hebrews 3:14; 10:26, 27
                    Matthew 18:32-35
       D.  The sanctuary restored "on earth"
             1) The message of the gospel is given its place in an eschatological setting
             2) Truth is restored in the light of the gospel in the proclamation of judgment and unmasking the little horn's deception.  
                 Revelation 14:6, 7                           
                 Only Seventh-day Adventists are preaching this.

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