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19 - A Cosmic Conflict
     Daniel 10 is a compelling illustration of the real conflict of the apocalyptic visions of Daniel 7-9.  It is the age old conflict of Christ and Satan.  The chapter helps us understand the issues behind those visions.  It is the struggle for control.

I. There is a great controversy between Christ and Satan - Daniel 10:12, 13, 20, 21
Rev. 12:7-9 - Michael is always used in conflict with the powers of darkness.
    B) The outcome of the events on earth are determined by the events in heaven.
    C) The fighting of the devil is a losing cause.  Rev. 12:12

II. Daniel 10 illuminates the conflict in chapters 7 & 8
A) Daniel 7 reveals a blasphemous power that attacks God's people and seeks to change God's law.
    B) Daniel 8 reveals a blasphemous power that attacks God's people and God's sanctuary.
    C) Daniel is concerned about the interruption of repair of the temple.  Chapter 10 reveals the conflict is actually in the realm of
         the unseen.  It prefigures the war between good and evil, the kingdom of God represented by Jerusalem's sanctuary and the
         kingdom of Satan represented by Babylon.

III. Daniel 10 reveals the glory of the Messiah, the Prince of the Sanctuary.  Daniel 10:5, 6
Dressed in linen - points to the dress of the high priest of the Day of Atonement.
      B) His body like Beryl (chrysolite) - a transparent stone with a refulgence like gold indicating transparency and purity.
      C) His face like lightning - speaks of dignity and majesty.
      D) His eyes like flaming torches - symbolizes the ability to discern between good and evil.
      E) Voice with the sound of a multitude - authority
      F) Two other places a vision like this occurs.  Transfiguration and Rev. 1 
      G) Daniel has seen in the visions of Daniel 7 & 8 tragic portrayals of saints being trodden under foot by the antichrist, had
           seen the sanctuary laid waste and the continual offering taken away from the Prince of the host.  But in vision he sees
           Michael, the Prince, in glory and is assured of His ultimate victory.

     The Son of God by His sinless life, atoning death, His glorious resurrection, and His high priestly ministry in the heavenly sanctuary has and will defeat the devil, repudiate sin, and vindicate His people by blotting out the record of their sins sealing them for eternity.

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