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20 - The Enigma of Daniel 11
     There are many who speculate about the meaning of Daniel 11.  One of the debates within Adventism has been who is the "King of the North."  Is it atheistic communism or some other unknown power?  There are principles of interpretation that help unravel some of the mystery.  

I. The dreams and visions of Daniel point to the latter days and the establishment of the kingdom of glory.

II. The prophecies illustrate the principle of repetition and enlargement.  Daniel 7 repeats and enlarges Daniel 2; Daniel 8 does the same with Daniel 7; and Daniel 11 does so with chapter 8.

III. The prophecies of Daniel are more concerned with the Christian era and beyond than the Old Testament age.

IV. In the prophecies applying to the New Testament age, Israel refers to the Christian church worldwide and her enemies worldwide.

V. The opening account in Daniel of the attack upon the sanctuary of Israel by an idolatrous power from the north sets the pattern for chapters 8-12; Daniel 1:1, 2

VI. Jesus predicted the "abomination of desolation" by pointing to two events Mt. 24:15  A) Pagan Rome destroying Jerusalem and the temple  B) Spiritual Babylon imposing a counterfeit day of worship and attempting to usurp Christ's place of authority and forgiveness 2 Thess. 2:4  Rev. 13 - Whoever does not receive his mark should be killed.  The king of the north symbolizes both of these events.

     For prophecies applying to New Testament times, the sanctuary, or holy place, represents where God dwells in heaven above and in His church below.  The great controversy between Christ and Satan is mirrored in the war over the sanctuary, as Satan can attack Christ only by attacking His truth and His people.


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