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21 - Michael Shall Stand Up
     Chapter 12 is the conclusion of the Book of Daniel and it's themes.  A contrast between chapter 1 and chapter 12 demonstrates that chapter 12 is the reversal of the events of chapter 1.  Chapter 1 begins with an attack on the glorious holy mountain by the king of the north (Babylon) and the capture of Israel's host.  Chapter 12 is also concerned with an attack by a spiritual king of the north on the glorious holy mountain (the sanctuary) and his threat to teh host of spiritual Israel (the church).  But chapter 12 shows Israel, because of her faithfulness will be delivered.  The enemy instead of desolating, will be desolated.

     The first 6 chapters of Daniel describe how Babylon conquers Israel, but that God judges Babylon and delivers His faithful remnant by Cyrus who comes from the east and dries up the Euphrates River.  The last 6 prophetic chapters describe a spiritual Babylon (the antichrist) who captures and persecutes spiritual Israel (the church).  But God restores the sanctuary and brings judgment upon Babylon and deliverance by the king of the east (Christ) and calls out a faithful remnant.

I. "At that time- the most crucial time of God's people as they appear to be overwhelmed as described in Dan. 11:40-45.  Dan.2:21 God changes times and seasons - so He is in control of time.

II. Michael, the great prince who stands (guards, protects, watches) over your people.  Michael - who is like God = the king of the east, the Son of Man.  Rom. 8:31-37

III. Michael shall stand up
- it doesn't mean He was in a sitting position.  It is a divine pronouncement.  (Rev.22:11)  The close of human probation.  It is close of mercy for the unrepentant and the assurance that the mercy of God will always abide with His people.  He possesses a scroll with our names.  (Rev. 5:7)

IV. A time of trouble
- No restraint on demons in having full control of lost people.  The redeemed suffer an intense feeling of unworthiness.              
5T 472, 473  AA 561

V. "Your people shall be delivered whose names are found written in the book"
 The word "found" implies a prior judgmen of investigation.  God's people have demonstrated loyalty and faithfulness to His law which is the evidence that they are trusting in the imputed merits of Christ.  They are standing firm in a foreign land.

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